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The Coon is #07 in Pop! South Park.


On June 12, 2017, two Pop!s from the cartoon South Park were announced to be exclusive to San Diego Comic Con in 2017.[1]



  1. SDCC 2017 Exclusives Wave 4: Cartoons!. McCann, Yoko. June 12, 2017.


South Park Wave 1
#01: Butters#02: Cartman#03: Ike Broflovski#04: Mysterion#05: Zombie Kenny#06: Mint-Berry Crunch#07: The Coon
San Diego Comic Con 2017 Exclusives [ve]
Wave One:
Star Wars
Supreme Leader SnokeBohdiCombat Assault Tank TrooperPrincess Leia & R2-D2 2-pack
Wave Two:
Scott Pilgrim
Scott with Sword of DestinyRoxy RichterNega Scott
Wave Three:
Captain America (Bucky Cap)Tony Stark holding helmetRed She-HulkSelfie Gwenpool
Wave Four:
Baxter StockmanCatDog (flocked)Mint-Berry CrunchThe CoonRen & Stimpy (Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy) 2-pack
Wave Five:
Blue Chrome BatmanBatmanMan BatInterplanetary BatmanAresAquaman with MotherboxBruce WayneWonder Twins 3-pack
Wave Six:
SteveMr. ClarkeElliot MaskedT-DogClaraThe TickBlack Lodge Cooper & Laura 2-pack
Wave Seven:
Warner Bros.
Lincoln as ReaperHarry Potter on BroomLuna Lovegood with GlassesOccamyBaby with DeanAragorn & Arwen 2-pack
FUNimation Ochaco (Masked)

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