The Specialty Series is a series of Pop!s that are only sold at smaller comic book store chains. Each month, one Pop! and one Dorbz are announced for the series.

List of Specialty Series Exclusives

Pop! Dorbz Month
May 2016 Cosmo Howard the Duck May 2016 [1]
July 2016 Golden Age Batman The Flash - Golden Age October 2016 [2]
August 2016 Max Rebo Pumpkin King [3]
September 2016 Casey Jones Blackest Night Batman November 2016 [4]
October 2016 El Kabong Young Moana December 2016 [5]
November 2016 Emma Frost Cosmo January 2017 [6]
December 2016 Batgirl Adamantium Skeleton February 2016 [7]
January 2017 Herry Monster Jiminy Cricket March 2017 [8]
February 2017 Trap Jaw Tourist Dave April 2017 [9]
March 2017 Iceman Iron Fist June 2017 [10]
April 2017 Scooby Dum Cybersuit Batman June 2017 [11]
May 2017 Gossamer Shinoa Hiragi July 2017 [12]
June 2017 Man-At-Arms Iron Man Mark I September 2017 [13]
July 2017 Leatherhead Superman #1 October 2017 [14]


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