Pop! Zodiac is a Pop! category consisting of 3.75" vinyl figures. Pop! Zodiac contains Pop! versions of the 12 Zodiac signs.

List of Pop! Zodiac Figures

Number Pop! Year Released Notes
#01 Cancer 2017 Funko Shop Exclusive
#02 Leo 2017 Funko Shop Exclusive
#03 Virgo 2017 Funko Shop Exclusive
#04 Libra 2017 Funko Shop Exclusive
#05 Scorpio 2017 Funko Shop Exclusive
#06 Sagittarius 2017 Funko Shop Exclusive
#07 Capricorn 2017 Funko Shop Exclusive
#08 Aquarius 2018 Funko Shop Exclusive

Upcoming Figures

The following figures are confirmed to be added to Pop! Zodiac at some point in the future:


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