Pop! Magic: The Gathering is a Pop! category consisting of both 3.75" and 6" Pop! vinyl figures. Pop! Magic: The Gathering contains characters from the Magic: The Gathering franchise.

List of Pop! Magic: The Gathering Figures

Number Pop! Year Released Notes
#01 Jace Beleren ???
#02 Garruk Wildspeaker ???
#03 Ajani Goldmane ???
#04 Nissa Revane ???
#05 Liliana Vess ???
#06 Chandra Nalaar ???
#07 Gideon Jura 2014
#08 Elspeth Tirel 2014
#09 Tezzeret 2014
#10 Kiora Atua 2014
#11 Sarkhan Vol 2014
#12 Nicol Bolas 2014


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Pop! Magic: The Gathering [ve]
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