This Pop! is Specialty Series Exclusive.
(This Pop! is only available in the Specialty Series.)

Gossamer is #263 in Pop! Animation.


On May 3, 2017, a Gossamer Pop! was announced to be exclusive to the Specialty Series. It will be released in July 2017.[1]



  1. Specialty Series: Gossamer Pop!, Shinoa Dorbz!. Anderson, Ashley. May 3, 2017.


Looney Tunes
#207: Michigan J. Frog#255: Daffy Duck#261: Pete Puma#263: Gossamer#287: Speedy Gonzales

Rides: Marvin the Martian with Rocket

Pop!s Exclusive to the Specialty Series
Pop! Animation #167: El Kabong#254: Scooby Dum#263: Gossamer
Pop! Marvel #167: Cosmo#184: Emma Frost#218: Iceman
Pop! Sesame Street #11: Herry Monster
Pop! Star Wars #160: Max Rebo

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