Disney Treasures

Disney Treasures is a Disney-themed subscription box introduced in 2017. Each box contains at least one Pop! from Pop! Disney, as well as other assorted Disney-themed merchandise.[1]

List of Boxes

Month Box Exclusive Pop!
April 2017 Pirates Cove[1] Smee[1]
June 2017 Festival of Friends[2] Dumbo with Timothy[2]
August 2017 Tiny Town[4] Tinker Bell[4]
October 2017 Haunted Forest[5] Maleficent[5]

The final two themes for the first year of Disney Treasures will be Ever After Castle and Snowflake Mountain.[6]

Subscription plans

There are three subscription plans for Disney Treasures: Traveler, Adventurer, and Pioneer. Each subscription plan is different, and some themes come with some benefits, such as free items in the boxes. Each of these plans are bi-monthly and automatically renew.


The Traveler plan is a single-box plan. Each box costs $30, but you have the ability to skip boxes you don't want.


The Adventurer plan is a three-box plan. Each box costs $29, but you pay for three boxes at a time, and the first box comes with an exclusive Disney pin as a welcome gift.


The Pioneer plan is a six-box plan. Each box costs $28, but you pay for six boxes at a time, and the first box comes with an exclusive Disney pin as a welcome gift and an exclusive Disney collectible as an anniversary gift.


  • Every box will contain an item that is exclusive to a Disney theme park.[† 1]

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  1. Funko confirmed that every Disney Treasures box will have an item that is exclusive to a Disney theme park.[6]


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